A Piece of Chiropractic History

   NOTE: For anyone who does not know, Dr. Willard
   Carver was co-founder and president of the first
   chartered institution of chiropractic in the world. This
   book was his own personally engraved signature copy of
   "The History of Chiropractic" by Harry Gallaher.
   Thanks to Grandpa's personal relationship with Dr.
   Carver, it is now a part of my home library collection.

    Dr. Gallaher's accomplishments included: 1) Secretary
   of the Oklahoma State Chiropractor's Association,
   2) Secretary of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners
   of the State of Oklahoma, 3) Secretary of the
   International Congress of Chiropractic, and
   4) Secretary of the International Congress of
   Chiropractic Examining Boards (ICCEB).

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