Star of Bethlehem

I had a question for my Lord. I wanted to know if I was fooling myself to think that I had a part in His coming, and ultimately Heaven on Earth.

My Dream

I found myself in a room devoid of fixtures or modern conveniences. It was square and was made out of a sandstone of some sort. I was involved in an excavation project, and across the floor was a slit cut out with a drop off of about fifteen to twenty feet. I shone my flashlight into the crevice to discover what was there when I found two tree trunks of the same kind. One was petrified and the other was new.

I was told to cut the new branch. So I raised my sharpshooter to perform the task, and found that it had been cut for me. The wood now transformed, was already seasoned and no longer green. I then discovered that the two tree trunks were the exact same dimension, one petrified, one new.

The dream then changed and now I am back in the original room but now there are modern furnishings, and I find myself in the home of my youth. I was told that I would be responsible for raising the child. This child was not mine, but I would be his mother. The authorities were looking for the child in order to destroy him and I was given the babe. They were coming to examine the room in search of him and I had to hide him in order to keep him safe. There was no place in the room to hide him except in between two beds of seperate heights. I had to stretch a blanket taut across the two platforms of the beds in order to support his weight, and yet leave a depression from the height of the taller bed in order to create a cavity to place him in. These beds were over the crevice of the excavation with the sheer drop off directly underneath him. But, it was the only place to hide him, so I had to put him in danger in order to save him.

The authorities came and looked for him and were not able to find him and so they left. I was then able to bring him out of his hiding place. Suddenly it was as if I could see through the eyes of another officer in the yard. He was considering leaving because he didn't want to be there. Apparently he was not aware that his colleagues had already been there and left and so he got out of his car to investigate the house for the child. Upon his entrance he found me with the babe and so he took him from me. I woke up screaming, "Jesse, Jesse, Jesse!"

This dream took place back in July when I first had to approach the Chiropractic Board. Since that time I have recounted the dream to a friend of mine and as I did I remembered an experience I had as a child.

It was harvest time and we were in the field. We were on our way to the elevator with a load of wheat. Mom got too close to the edge of a pond dam that we had to cross in order to get to the road; it had been a wet spring. The truck began to tip as if it was going to go over the edge. The wheat started spilling out over the side of the truck and down the embankment of the dam. I was sitting toward the outside of the truck and could see the whole thing happening.

I just knew we were dead. I lifted my body out of the truck as far as I could and screamed back toward the field where Daddy was cutting wheat, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!". And suddenly the truck stopped dead still as if it had hit something. I looked back toward Mom to see that she was out of the truck with her foot still on the brake. She told us girls, all four of us, to "Come on, and get out of the truck!". Her eyes were frantic, and I jumped across all three of my sisters to land on solid ground first, I was so scared. We all got out and we all lived. We were even able to save the truck and most of the wheat.

Upon leaving the farm that year we all watched apprehensively as Daddy crossed over the pond dam with the combine. I told Mom that I could almost see the afterimage of God's hand. And she marvelled as she asked me if I could really see it too. We both agreed that God had a plan for us and that I had been pressed firm in His palm.

Even now thinking back, I still shudder. If that truck would have rolled as it was about to, I would not have a head on my shoulders now.

All I know is that my earthly father couldn't hear me, and so my heavenly Father stepped in and did the job. Thanks Daddy.

I had told my friend regarding the dream that I didn't know what happened to the baby, when the above experience flashed through my mind. I figured that since everything worked out in real life that all I needed was the faith to accept the gift of the dream, and that everything would be all right. And so, faith is carrying me now.

What is it?

So far I have seen the dream in at least three different occasions in my life since that time. It is taking place starting with the last experiences first and working toward the beginning.

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