Oklahoma State Chiropractic Board
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Suite 205
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

July 10, 2000

To the Board of Directors

My name is Tammy Kennedy; I am the first born granddaughter of Earl Franklin Craton, D.C., Ph.C. Grandpa graduated from the Palmer School of Chiropractic March 11, 1925. Since his graduation he has had a successful practice in Oklahoma and Texas. He has had literature published in several chiropractic journals and has taught various doctors of his own philosophy and technique. He has been recognized among his immediate colleagues as 'having the best technique' and is known to get results even when mainstream chiropractic philosophy and techniques have failed. Many times his efforts are immediately identified as having fixed the problem and the results that he gets are many times permanently in place after only one adjustment.

He has elected during the past twelve years, to illuminate me as to the truth that is in the human body. I have willingly and eagerly learned his philosophy and expertise so as to not let his advanced insight perish upon his death. He has helped me in a way that I will never be able to repay and has restored a sickly girl to a healthy woman that is capable of repeating his work.

I am ready for the trials of his profession. Whether his profession will be known as chiropractic or an art that has evolved beyond chiropractic is up to you. I am willing to undergo evaluation by the Board in a clinical setting in order to prove that his work is capable of more than what chiropractic can offer. In so doing if the Board wishes to embrace my capacity and label me as being a chiropractor, then so be it. If not then I will be forced to carry my grandfather's legacy on without you. God has made me of strong spirit and I hold to the calling that I have been given.

Tammy Kennedy
316 Seventh Street
Kremlin, OK 73753

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PS. I am currently in the process of producing a web site that will illuminate the world as to the truth of his work. Your response to this letter will be duly reported and the world will know the truth of the chiropractic authority's intentions once and for all. I implore you, don't play AMA to Palmer's efforts in the late 1890's and early 1900's. Embrace the truth and you shall be rewarded mightily. Upon his retirement Grandpa was receiving fees in the $2500 to $5000 range. These fees were usually paid at the time of the first visit by the patients themselves. The people who received his services were reported as not being willing to take millions of dollars in place of the health that he had restored to them. And don't forget that most of his clients at the time of his retirement had already been through the chiropractic chutes of failure. I am sure that there is a way to convince the insurance authority to pay when a value of this magnitude can be delivered. Let me work with you, not against you.

Mailed: July 11, 2000
Delivered: July 12, 2000
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