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A New Field:  Introduction to Nerve Signal Interference Removal (NSIR)

Nerve Signal Interference Removal (NSIR) is the scientific Healing Art which understands the process by which the body succumbs to disease. It deals with the relationship between the brain and the body and the ability of the two to communicate.

1)  The Nerve Signal is recognized as being the most important mechanism in the communication process.

2)  Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) is an interference in the communication process. This interference is now known to be disease itself and is the precursor for conditions that the mainstream medical community call diseases.

     There are 3 types of NSI:

                 (a) Physical,
                 (b) Chemical, and
                 (c) Psychological.

3)  Nerve Signal Interference Removal (NSIR) removes NSI and allows the nerve signal to function correctly, which in turn, restores the body's ability to heal itself.

In many cases excellent health can be achieved without the use of drugs, surgery, Chiropractic technique, or other accepted medical or religious philosophies.

Tammy Joy Kennedy
Certified NSI Specialist

HISTORICAL NOTE: The originator of this field, Dr. E. F. Craton, D.C., Ph.C., received the Texas Chiropractic College's Centennial Award in 1995. Yet in 1996 in Enid OK, Dr. Craton made a hard choice to finally denounce his once beloved profession. This decision came after many, many years of trying to help Chiropractic to raise it's standards and improve it's paradigm.

The closest Dr. Craton ever came to getting his life's work in the chiropractic colleges came in 1990. Dr. Craton, after presenting his work to the Parker College in Dallas, TX, (March 8), had explained to them that they could not teach what was right on one hand and what was wrong on the other, and that if they were to be allowed to put his life's research in their college that he would need to "weed the chaff" as he put it. The college administration that had been so excited that day, anticipating Dr. Craton's work taught there, soon cooled with Dr. Craton's honest criticisms.

The Board of Chiropractic Examiners in Oklahoma were officially contacted by this author for the purpose of causing them to embrace Dr. Craton's research and methods in July 2000, January 2001, and finally in January 2004. Chiropractic authorities, yet again, stubbornly refused to make the needed improvements that we were offering to teach them for a price.

By law, since Chiropractic failed to 1) teach Dr. Craton's life's work in their colleges, and 2) embrace his directives by their boards, they have no legitimate claim to his work whatsoever, nor do they have the right to make the attempt at governing Dr. Craton's brain child, now known as Nerve Signal Interference Removal (NSIR). Yet in February 2004 when the NSIR work was gaining ground through public access broadcasting the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners (OBCE) suddenly made a claim in the court that I was practicing chiropractic without a license. In the temporary injunction hearing, the State's expert purported that Dr. Craton's life's work wasn't really Dr. Craton's but someone else's.

Later, in the permanent injunction hearing, their previous argument claiming someone else's name as the originator fell silent. This is no surprise since Dr. Craton's life's research is, after all, his own. The official record now shows a repeated attempt by the authorities to outright steal Dr. Craton's life's work. They have unabashedly used the witness stand in an effort to forcibly extract Dr. Craton's methods instead of responsibly paying the research and development fee that we were requesting in our hopes of making Chiropractic a legitimate science.

At this point, if any chiropractor is to be RESPONSIBLE in performing Dr. Craton's work it is NECESSARY for them to be educated and certified by the legal representative (this author) of Dr. Craton's life's work. Anything less, is an obvious theft, and very potentially, a CRIMINAL and DANGEROUS attempt of violating the very purpose of which the "good doctor" professes to stand for ... and that, is public safety. Because after all, a stolen copy of Dr. Craton's life's work, is NOT actually Dr. Craton's life's work.

From "OSCN.NET" - The decision is finally in - "Court Order" (If this link doesn't work you can see the PDF file here.)

From "Garber Billings News" - "The Dawn of a New Field"

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